AP Automation for Construction

Automate supplier payments to save project costs

ClearTech automates accounts payable and with deep insights into your labor and material invoices helps measure and control how much you pay

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Visibility into spend​ across various projects with deep invoice insights

As a growing construction business, focus on the quality and delivery of projects and let costs and payables be taken care of on autopilot

Automate manual tasks and focus on your core business

Boost efficiency and eliminate the busy work with touchless invoice processing and global payables management

Guaranteed ROI with savings on your services and supplies

Spend the right amount with your vendors, open up volume discounts and identify leakages so you can do more for your mission

Your integrated platform for all vendor payments

Manage vendor spend for all projects locations and pay on your terms using various payment methods from a single platform

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How Construction businesses can save $100K

Enable touchless invoice processing with smart OCR, advanced approvals and payments across 120+ countries

Issue pre-loaded cards for specific projects or for specified amounts, durations or even specific transactions and sync directly with your ERP

Identify opportunities to save money by optimizing service costs and plugging leakages with smart, real-time insights

Enable touchless invoice processing with smart OCR, technology, advanced approval workflows and payments across 120+ countries

Issue pre-loaded cards for specific projects or for specified amounts, durations or even specific transactions and sync directly with your ERP

Identify opportunities to save money by optimizing service costs and plugging leakages with smart, real-time insights

Benefits of AP Automation Software for Construction

Centralized processes

With business spread across multiple sites, controlling vendor spend can become a challenge. With ClearTech, you can manage the entire procure-to-pay process for various locations and project sites in a single platform, giving you complete visibility and control over your spend.

Greater accuracy

With automated matching of invoices against purchase orders and receiving notes, processing both PO and non-PO invoices becomes a breeze for your accounting teams. This helps organizations avoid costly errors that can impact profitability and require considerable effort to rectify.

Cost reduction

AP automation solutions like ClearTech help you process invoices faster and pay vendors on-time, enabling you to grab the benefit of early payment discounts and avoid any late payment fees. In addition, intelligent spend insights help you identify opportunities for cost optimization and prevent any leakages in the payables process.

Enable remote working

ClearTech allows you to approve invoices on the go or from any site. With complete context in every approval request email, your business stakeholders can approve or reject an invoice with a single click on their mobile device.

Strengthen compliance

Elaborate audit trails with every invoice processed and detailed history of every payment transaction. With a single source of truth for all procurement and payment information, your finances are always ready for external and internal audits.

Faster setup and go-live

ClearTech seamlessly integrates with multiple accounting systems, allowing you to get up and running in days, not weeks. Our easy-to-use software and dedicated customer service manager makes getting started a breeze.

ClearTech integrates with your Accounting System

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What is AP automation and how does it apply to the construction industry?

AP automation utilizes technology to eliminate manual processes like invoice data entry, GL code assignment, approval routing and payments. Construction companies with a significantly higher volume of invoices can greatly benefit from automation by moving away from archaic paper based processes.

What are the key benefits of AP automation for construction firms?

AP automation solutions catering to construction firms eliminate labor intensive activities in the procure-to-pay process by automating tasks and ensuring timely supplier payments. AP automation thus significantly improves employee productivity, efficiency of workflows and also helps in saving costs for the company.

How does AP automation handle complex construction invoices with varying formats?

ClearTech's AP automation software utilizes an AI engine that is trained on thousands of USD invoices trained across varying formats and templates. The model is also constantly trained to ensure highest level of accuracy for new formats. And in addition to the AI, ClearTech's human support ensures 100% accuracy wherever technology falls short.

Is AP automation suitable for construction businesses of all sizes?

Construction companies of all sizes can benefit from automating their accounts payable processes. It is however important for a business to map its own processes and identify specific areas where it can benefit from an AP solution since features, complexity and the amount of investment required may vary based on the scale of operations.

Can AP automation integrate with existing construction management software and accounting systems?

ClearTech's pre-built connectors with popular construction management software and accounting systems enables you to connect with your existing systems with minimal IT effort.

How does AP automation enhance invoice approval workflows in construction?

Configurable invoice approval workflows in AP automation solutions like ClearTech automatically route invoices to the right internal stakeholders. The cloud-based software and one-click approval actions on email give project managers the flexibility to approve from anywhere.

Can AP automation help construction companies with cost control and budget management?

ClearTech's AI-powered AP automation solution allows invoices to be accurately booked to different construction project codes, improving visibility over costs and budget utilization. Invoice approval workflows and PO matching also ensures only spend that is authorized is approved and paid.

What are the common challenges faced during AP automation implementation in construction?

Implementation of AP automation solutions can become complex and time-taking based on the complexity of internal processes, customizations in the accounting system and overall scale of the business.