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ClearTech’s AP solution utilizes the power of AI to enable touchless invoice processing and bill payments at
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Spend Saved


Bandwidth Saved


Accurate OCR


More Saving

Focus on your top line and let us take care of your bottom line – Don’t let any saving opportunity slip

  • Advanced AI-based analysis to identify duplicate invoices or unusual charges
  • Deep spend audit to stop unused, underutilized or overlapping services
  • Negotiation service for better contract pricing and terms by expert buyers


More Efficient

Say hello to touchless processing – from invoice coding to payments.

  • Eliminate data entry with 100% accurate line item level extraction
  • AI-based mapping of bills to GL accounts and approver assignment
  • Automated payment scheduling by ACH, Check, Wire or Card


More Visibility

Configure the control and visibility your organization needs

  • Customizable approval policies based on dollar amount or department
  • Real-time tracking and reporting of actual spend against budgets
  • Reduced risk with supplier tax ID validation and tax form collection
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is accounts payable (AP) automation?
Accounts payable automation helps finance teams automate manual, repetitive and error-prone tasks like receipt and invoice data entry, managing approvals and processing payments.
What are the benefits of AP automation Software?
AP automation solutions empower businesses to make their accounting processes more efficient, accurate, and scaleable. They also provide better visibility and control over expenditure and cash flow.
How does ClearTech AP automation work?
ClearTech's AP automation software extracts all header and line-item information from invoices with nearly 100% accuracy. Post digitization, invoices are automatically routed to business heads for approvals, and once approved, payments can seamlessly be made to vendors with their preferred mode. All these transactions are synced to your accounting software, giving you a detailed audit trail for every invoice action.
How can ClearTech AP automation prevent spend leakages?
ClearTech's AP automation software utilizes advanced technologies like AI and ML to prevent you from making excess payments. ClearTech identifies and highlights invoice duplicates, contract rate deviations, spikes in vendor spend, and more.
Will ClearTech accounts payable software work with my ERP or accounting system?
ClearTech's AP automation software offers pre-built integrations with 20+ popular accounting systems like Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, and more. Our integrations are set up in just one day and enable you to seamlessly sync transactions without changing your current system.
How does ClearTech Accounts Payable software improve the invoice approval process?
With automated periodic reminders, ClearTech's Accounts Payable software directly routes invoices to the right business stakeholder. Approvers can also seamlessly action upon approval requests with a single click on the email. Compared to manual flows, ClearTech's approval workflows reduce errors and delays while facilitating remote working.
How many AP team members and approvers can have access to the ClearTech AP software?
ClearTech allows unlimited accounting team members or approvers to access the platform ensuring greater control and visibility over your expenditures while eliminating any need to change your existing processes.
How much can I save with the Accounts Payable solution?
Implementing an Accounts Payable solution like ClearTech can help reduce the labor cost of invoice processing by anywhere between 60-80%. In addition, with deep analytics on vendor spend, we also help save 5-10% of non-payroll spend.
How does ClearTech guarantee the accuracy of data extraction using OCR?
Data capture in ClearTech's Accounts Payable is trained on thousands of invoices. In addition, our team of accountants adds a layer of human review to guarantee a near-100% accuracy of data extraction from your vendor invoices.
What payment methods can I use to pay my suppliers on AP software?
ClearTech enables you to make one-click payments to your vendors using their preferred mode of payment. We currently support bill payments via ACH and Check and will soon be adding capabilities for International Wire and Cards.