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Product Updates

Product updates for the month of August

Updates to GL code recommendations based on changes to vendor

  • Previously if a vendor was identified and suggestions were populated against the same, any manual update to the vendor would not update the suggestions. You would need to manually select the right GL codes after changing the vendor
  • Now, even when you select a vendor manually from the dropdown, expense suggestions will be auto-populated to ensure manual overhead is reduced.

Non-logged-in approval experience

You can now approve or reject a bill by directly clicking on the corresponding buttons in the bill approval email without needing to log in to the product.


Vendor payment details approval

As a security measure to prevent payment fraud, payment details (ACH or Check) added against a vendor will go through an approval step

Here's how to use this feature.

In-app notifications

Previously, status for asynchronous flows such as invoice approvals, payment run approvals, accounting sync failures, etc. was not notified unless explicitly checked in the bill details screen

With notifications, successes and failures of all async workflows are notified to enable appropriate actions to proceed further. 

Product updates for the month of July

Auto-population of due date based on net terms

If an invoice doesn’t have a due date mentioned, the due date is auto-calculated based on the invoice date and net terms on the invoice.

The due date will be suggested only in instances where net terms are mentioned on the invoice

Support for negative values in an expense GL

You can now create a bill with negative values for the expense account entries in line with the current Quickbooks behavior

To note: Bill value should always be positive. Only the expense account entries can have a negative value.