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With deep insights into every purchase document, ranging from invoices to contracts and POs, unearth hidden costs and opportunities to optimize spend and save your money

Identify trends in core spending drivers

Deep visibility

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Visibility into trends for vendors, departments and more for non-payroll spend

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Move to continuous close and rapidly make budget adjustments with real-time insights

Intelligent insights

Smart insights

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Discover hidden costs of duplicate services, unused licenses and more

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Save money with insights on cheaper alternates and benchmark rates

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Get best rates on existing contracts with the help of our expert buyers

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What are Spend Insights ?

Spend Insights are powerful observations and suggestions on your spend which help your finance team get visibility, ask the right questions to your vendor owners, and take appropriate actions to reduce costs and optimize spend.

Why ClearTech Spend Insights ?

ClearTech Spend Insights helps you understand the key drivers of your spend. With in-depth line item analysis, see changes in rates and volume over time and be alerted to any unusual spikes. Leverage benchmarking data to negotiate better terms and save on your vendor spend.

How can ClearTech Spend Insights  enhance ROI for a business?

Despite the best efforts of finance teams, companies lose anywhere between 10-15% of their vendor spend in the form of payments to zombie vendors, duplicate invoices, unutilized licenses and more. ClearTech Spend Insights help prevent such leakages and identify hidden opportunities for spend optimization to deliver ROI for a business.