Streamline and control card
spend within your AP solution

Issue unlimited corporate cards with built-in financial controls and manage all non-payroll spend in a single solution! With the added benefit of cashback on every transaction

Customizable approval rules and policies

Spend controls

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Simply create and issue cards for one-time use or ongoing spend categories

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Limit usage of cards by specific employees, vendors or amount and reduce risk and fraud

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Customize spend policies that work for you based on department, category or amount

Autosync transaction to your ERP

Seamless sync

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Auto categorize GL codes for physical and virtual card transactions

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Ensure accurate GL coding with pre-approved rules

Control spend

Manage budget

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Limit the amount that can be spent on a card for a specific duration

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Use approval workflows to pre-approve every card spend

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Real-time visibility of your card spend and utilization against budgets

Benefits of ClearTech Corporate Cards

Unlimited virtual cards

Issue unlimited virtual cards for all your one-time or recurring card transactions and control every dollar spent

Automate accounting

No change to employee habits or business processes with seamless integrations with your accounting software

Real savings

Earn for your company on every dollar spent with no gimmicks of reward points or complicated cash-back calculations

Get set up in days - not months

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What is a corporate card?

Corporate cards are a simple way for companies and organizations to manage business expenses. These operate just like regular credit cards but all liabilities and spend limits are linked to a company's finances.

How can I get a ClearTech Corporate Card for my business?

In order to get a ClearTech Corporate Card for your business, your company must be incorporated (as an LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp or other individual entity) and also meet the requirements of our partner financial institutions and banks.

How are ClearTech Corporate Cards different from other corporate cards?

Corporate cards enable employees to spend on business expenses without having to spend out of their own pockets. ClearTech corporate cards give users the added benefit of robust spend controls, customizable spend limits and automated accounting and expense reports.

Does the ClearTech corporate card offer any rewards?

ClearTech corporate cards provide unlimited cashback on your card transactions - not reward points which could lose their value anytime. ClearTech's corporate card program enables you to get the most dollar value out of your spend.